Clayfin: Crafting Digital Banking Experiences

CIO Vendor The rapid evolution of digital channels is pushing the banking industry to deliver more personalized and contextual experiences. Headquartered in Chennai, Clayfin is a leading provider of Digital Banking Experience solutions that enrich customer life journeys. In the rapidly evolving digital world, these solutions enable banks to nurture and grow in close ties with customers through a seamless omni-channel experience across - mobile, desktop,tablets, wearables and chatbot. Clayfin offers banks simple, flexible and adaptable opportunities to grow their revenue with distinct digital banking experiences for their customers.

Karthik Raman, Chief Innovation Officer at Clayfin says, “The Digital Banking landscape is fast changing and when it comes to customer experience; their competition is not with the Banks next door. It’s actually from digital players like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple to name a few, who leverage the best in digital technology to be a part of the customer’s life journey. In the process, they eliminate the cumbersome steps of traditional banking and provide the best customer experience.”

These digital players have redefined user experience by making it very simple to use. Amazon presents a personalized screen for every user based on the context of the user logged in. It has created a ‘Segment of One’. Facebook aggregates everything that is relevant for the customer and presents it on the timeline of its user. That’s what customers want to see. Google utilizes user information tosuggest conversations,advice the user about traffic, recommend places around the user as to where they might like to visit, etc. Apple users don’t even need a user manual to use their products, as their usability is more human and natural. And all these are executed through a collaborative effort with contributions from the users.

Karthik explains, “The advancement of Digital devices and technologies like AI are revolutionizing the way banking services are consumed by customers. AI is not just looked at as a means to save cost. It has become a tool to draw greater insights about the customers and their behaviour.
It allows the bank to offer the customers what they want based on the intelligence drawn from the data collated about them (internal / social / regulatory etc). AI, combined with interactive technologies such as Chatbot and Voicebot, is removing barriers for digital adoption.”

Clayfin fuses technology and creativity to craft digital banking experience solutions that simplify and optimize the end user experience. This ensures that the Bank becomes a trusted personal assistant to the customer

The invention of these technologies has increased mobility for customers and has allowed them to perform tasks of varying degrees of complexity on-the-go; from simple ones like purchase of grocery, guide for commutation, right up to the more complex ones such as social conversations, fitness activity tacking, quick payments, recharges and many more. All these activities revolve around the user’s persona as an individual, family member, social participant and probably a corporate affiliate as well. Banks aspire to create a convenient and frictionless customer experience by being a touch point of preference for different personas.

Clayfin is helping Banks in this mission by providing Digital Banking Experience solutions that are crafted to be part of their customers’ lives in a non-intrusive way with the underlying theme-‘Simplicity and Convenience’. Clayfin fuses technology and creativity to build banking solutions that simplify and optimize the end user experience. This ensures that the bank becomes a trusted personal assistant to the customer. Moreover, the organization has been assisting Banks across geographies in improving their customer life journeys.

Karthik concludes, “Clayfin will follow our clients and their customers into their worlds to craft digital banking experiences that enrich customer life journeys.”