Motadata: Comprehensive Solution to a Plethora of IT Operational Challenges

Amit Shingala, CEO & Co-Founder

Truth be told; networks are evolving, becoming more complex and developed. However, the need for IT Infrastructure monitoring and management has remained constant. It continues to be crucial for businesses to monitor their networks in order to be productive and avoid serious threats from network failures and server downtime. Amit Shingala, CEO & Co-founder of Motadata explains, “IT teams face heavy workloads and increasingly complex projects, often without the ideal time, staff, or budget needed to complete them. The teams have to manually dig into the network performance, rather than focusing on more critical projects”. With technology changing shape every year and ubiquity of connected devices on the rise, legacy solutions started losing market share for not being able to cope up with the increasing complexity in the network infrastructure. By drilling in,one can figure out when and on what device an event occurred. Following which the operator is able to take a proactive approach to network security. Moreover, it can be seamlessly integrated with the ever increasing complex IT infrastructure to save on cost.

Having established in Ahmedabad in 2010, Mindarray Systems Private Limited offers a product suite called, Motadata, that has undergone several iterations of upgrades over the years and its latest version is Motadata 7.0. Motadata is an IT monitoring and management software that derives business insights by real- time processing, correlation and intelligent visualization of IT network and security information data. The platform involves unified IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Log & Flow Management and IT Service Management Platform, offering operational insights into the IT infrastructure & its performance. The log data is collected from any device, application, database, and server in an IT environment. Post collecting the data, Motadata intelligently parses & structures every log message which results in deep intelligence into over 700+ unique data source types.

Designed to identify and resolve complex problems faster, Motadata ensures 100 percent uptime of all business critical components. This monitoring tool enables the IT Teams to make more informed business decisions by offering complete visibility into the health of IT services. At the same time, the CAPEX is considerably reduced; resolution of issues is
much faster; and compatibility in a hybrid ecosystem is maintained, thereby offering ease of integration with existing and future platforms. Motadata meets various compliance standards such as PCI, DSS, FISMA and HIPPA. The platform also allows configuring alerts in case of any policy violations, i.e. Password changes, unauthorized logins, login failures, new login events, and file name changes etc.

Expertise with Diverse Clientele’
With a customer base spanning the Indian Government, Telecom and Enterprise vertical, Motadata is empowering the nation by enabling over 12 Smart Cities and 3 BharatNet Projects. The company has implemented their solutions for Network Monitoring, Log Management and ITSM in various large scale Telco deployments across the globe. Motadata has also earned reputed clients in the enterprise segment, more so in the BFSI,ITeS, Educational Institutes, and Data Centers etc. A leading pure play telecom OEM vendor that develops & delivers optical communication products, system integration services and OSS/BSS software, relies on Motadata Network Monitoring Product Suite for its Telco Customers.

"Motadata is an IT monitoring and management software that derives business insights by real-time processing, correlation and intelligent visualization of IT network and security information data"

Being a product driven company, Motadata’s vision has been clear: to stay competitive with a clear product roadmap to outweigh the competition. Having succeeded in providing a complete IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Product suite, Motadata has a well laid out plan to enhance their product offer- ing by 2019-2020. The blueprint comprises of building a robust application performance monitoring software, detect anomaly using artificial intelligence, automation & orchestration for Telco’s, introducing Motadata Lite – a scaled down version for enterprise vertical(SME’s)and launching Motadata security product suite. Geographical expansion to USA & Australia and a channel partner strategy also forms a part of Motadata’s future roadmap.

Factors that Set a Differentiating Benchmark for Motadata
• Unified Product Suite
• High Scalability
• Open Architecture that supports 3rd Party Integration
• No time limits on actual data retention
• Dynamic Workfl ow automation
• Robust SLA Compliance
• Lowest TCO in the industry – No proprietary OS required, No 3rd party license required
• Built in& Time series Database – No 3rd party DB required
• Processes any log in any format